Too far?

Others don’t think so…we are one of Perth’s favorite 4WD Meccas!

Mecca Fig.
A place that is frequently visited by a particular group of people because it is important to them for some reason.

I’m not in Toodyay, so how far away is it?

Probably closer than you expect. Without breaking the speed limit you could be there in an hour from the Perth City Center traffic permitting.

How do you get there?

Take Toodyay road via Roe/Reid Highway you can’t miss it.

Click on the bubble for directions

[mappress mapid="1"] It can take longer to drive across the city in traffic then is down to drive down Toodyay road. There are no traffic lights between Perth and Tooday.

Tyres and servicing while you wait

  • Express 1 hour service for most cars and 4wds
  • Tyres fitted and balanced while you wait

Courtesy Car

Many parts, tyres etc can fitted while you wait.If your car needs an extended stay we have may have courtesy car available.

  • Courtesty cars are subject to availability so please call and book a suitable date.
  • Cars are fitted with dash cameras so please drive safetly.
  • You must sign an agreement with respect to any fines or damages you may incur whilst driving the vehicle.
  • Fuel is not included please return the car with a full tank.

GO 4WD’ing In Toodyay!


We’ve got track much better than the “Power Lines” track. Come check it out!
Ask in store, give us a call or check out the guide below

Check out some of the best ones around Tooday